The Power of Words

Do you believe in the existence of soul mates or true love? Absolutely I believe in Dream Lovers. When two people encounter each other and their eyes meet then the past and the future become unimportant. At that moment you realize with an absolute certainty that you are destined to be with each other. Oh Yes, I think soul mates are part of the big plan.

Have you seen one of my favorite classic movies, adaptation of Jane Austen’s most famous novel, The Pride & Prejudice with Greer Garson & Laurence Olivier? There is one scene where Darcy tells Elizabeth “I like you, just as you are” Mr. Darcy is telling her that he really sees her and likes what he sees. She doesn’t have to impress him. Cupid’s arrow pierced Mr. Darcy’s heart.

Pride and Prejudice on Amazon

The movie ends with a long kiss between Elizabeth and Darcy — The End

Random thought: watching actress Edna May Oliver makes me joyful. She is amazing.

Everybody wants to be loved for themselves – beneath the masks they wear and the games being played. Many of our ideas of love and romance come from poetry, movies, television and romance novels. They are all about pursuit and capture and falling in love. Once the guy gets the girl, the book, movie or play ends.

“Romeo, Romeo, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

When I watch the “Pride & Prejudice” I think how we are swept away by emotions and dreams and expect the other person to fulfill them. And when those expectations aren’t met and we begin to see the imperfections and differences become a reality, we may get discouraged. Finding your dream lover is glorious. However, keep in mind, your partner is not you! Curiosity can be a powerful aphrodisiac because that means your heart is open and you want to know more about your beloved.

Many authors tell us we need to love others if we desire to be loved in the same way. So, if you are not being loved for whom you really are, are you really being loved? Alas, a question for the ages, when you find out the answer, let me know.

All’s Well That Ends Well – Not So Fast!

I wonder what happens when the “honeymoon” stage becomes a sweet memory and some of the masks we wore begin to come off. We may soon discover that we were floating on a cloud that stopped us from really getting to know the other person.

I’ve always believed that Forever relationships are built on trust and respect.

Now, I am no winged expert however trust takes time and effort. It can be easily broken and hard to restore but if you are willing to work at it, maybe just maybe the reward will be the relationship you’ve always dreamed of. For love to flourish — trust is the foundation that provides a haven for intimacy to grow. Are you able to trust your lover with your past, your present and your future perhaps, it is better to let your soul-mate be himself – herself and see what happens.

It is the summer of 1593 and the rising young star of London’s theatre scene Will Shakespeare faces the scourges like no other: a paralyzing bout of writers block. While the great Elizabethan age of entertainment unfolds around him Will is without inspiration on material. What Will needs is a muse–and in an extraordinary moment in which life imitates art he finds and falls for a woman who draws him into his own dramatic adventure of star-crossed love. It all begins when Lady Viola desperate to become an actor women were forbidden from such depravity – disguises herself as a man to audition for Wills’ play. But the guise slips away as their passion ignites. Now Wills’ quill again begins to flow this time turning love into words.

The works of William Shakespeare is replete with musical references, which attest to the Bard’s thorough knowledge of music. The plays of Shakespeare are filled with music. The comedies are full of song and the gentle sound of the lute, while the tragedies echo with the ceremonial sound of trumpets. In Shakespeare’s time, males played all the characters, even Juliet, Cleopatra and Ophelia. Actors playing gods, ghosts, demons and other supernatural characters could pop up from the underworld through a stage trap door or descend to earth from heaven on a line from the ceiling.

♦You’ve Got A Way – Notting Hill Music Video

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Off the stage, a sheet of metal could create thunder. Stagehands set off fireworks to create omens, meteors, comets, or the wrath of the Almighty.

Productions of the plays often included vocal and instrumental music, especially in plays performed on special occasions before royalty. Minor characters usually sang the vocal selections. Instruments used included the trumpet, the oboe, cornett, viol and the lute. The plays also included dancing. In fact, Romeo and Juliet met at a masked dance. Only a few songs Shakespeare wrote have survived.

Here’s an example of a fairy song from “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”

You spotted snakes with double tongue, Thorny hedgehogs, be not seen, Newts and blindworms, do no wrong, Come not near our fairy queen.

♦Shakes Songs Website

William Shakespeare was well known for his sonnets, many of which had love as the main theme. It was fashionable for English authors to write sonnets, lyric poems made up of only 14 lines.
“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players, They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.”

The Globe Theater in London was where most of William The Plays of Shakespeare were first presented. The first Globe theatre was built in 1599 the building was the most magnificent theater that London had ever seen. Eventually it was torn down and the new Globe Theater, not far from the original site and after almost 400 years was built and inaugurated by the Queen in 1997. This got me thinking about Shakespeare and time travel. It would be exciting to see a play at the Globe Theater during the golden age of the Virgin Queen. During her reign the English court became a center for writers, musicians, and scholars. English literature thrived during this period, with Francis Bacon his Essays, William Shakespeare writing his great works of drama and poetry. Well, since that is not possible I hope to see a play at Shakespeare’s New Globe Theater some time in the future. That is my dream

Yes, it looks like I got carried away again! Shakespeare the love poet writes about lost love, forbidden love, forever love and first love so it is easy to get distracted.

I do not remember the first sonnet I read by Shakespeare but it certainly will not be the last. My favorite tragedy is Hamlet but if you are interested in reading Shakespeare start with his comedies. The Plays of Shakespeare are filled with songs, drama, romance, and fun. He was brilliant. William Shakespeare was the brightest star in the night sky and has been hailed as the greatest playwright and poet in the world. You can tell I really adore Shakespeare and I have always found something to learn from his works. Of course love is more than poetry on valentines or romance in the movies. Love is here and now, real and true, the most important thing in our lives. Or “love is merely a madness” quote by William Shakespeare

Though Shakespeare is no more with us, his powerful words keep alive and this dear hearts will forever remain so. Here are some links related to his works, the Globe Theater and England. London is an ancient city whose history greets you at every turn. Then, of course, there is that greatest living link with the past — the Royal Family.

Actor Ben Whishaw

Yes, (dear hearts) looks like yours truly is a hopeless romantic. So what else is new? Actually what you just read was posted on another blog a few years ago. Decided to make some changes and post it here.

Here are some works by Bill Shakespeare hope you enjoy. Remember you don’t have to be a Shakespeare snob to appreciate him.

Sense & Sensibility

The Tempest

Wuthering Heights 

Ever After

Jane Eyre 

Much Ado About Nothing 

Shakespeare In Love 

Little Women 

Becoming Jane


King Lear



and don’t want to forgot these books featuring the Tudors.

The Life of Elizabeth 1

Wolf Hall

The Other Boleyn Girl 

One more for the journey, since we did mention Hamlet and Horatio. One of my favorite stories has another legendary Horatio. And since London celebrated the Diamond Jubilee with an amazing River Pageant, I think Horatio Hornblower  should be part of the festivities too!

Memorable Hamlets by the New York Times. (smiles) Ben Whishaw is on the list. To continue London Festival celebration go to my other wordpress  (The Deepest Red) 

Love Shelley

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