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Sochi’s opening and closing ceremonies were breathtaking. Just Brilliant.

Once again, I want to lend my voice to the chorus of global citizens. Who think the Olympic Games should (permanently) return to Greece.

No More Expensive Stadiums. No More Kicking People Out Of their Homes. No More Sewage and Dead Fish. No More Sewage and Dead Dogs. No More Polluted Waters. No More Hazardous Levels of Smog.

These athletes train so hard to be the very best. We  should provide them the very best sports venue. Where they can compete without worrying about getting sick.

Having the games in Greece is an honor.  Countries can take turns and work with the Greece Host Country and the @IOCMedia  to open the games.

Return to Greece – where it all started. Love Shelley

Special Olympics Passing Torch of Hope!


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